Routier Helps Hotels Provide Real-Time Solutions for Real-Time Issues So That They Don’t Become Permanent Problems

Originally appeared on HotelOnline 

Innovative new technology empowers hotels to resolve issues quickly before guests share their complaints with the world

New York, June 7, 2018 – Imagine if you could communicate with your guests in real-time during their stay at your property. And imagine that they wouldn’t need to download or install a thing. And imagine that you could actually find out if your guest is unhappy or happy and follow up with the right messaging, at the right time. Now stop imagining because it’s real.

Routier’s seamless engagement, operational, and marketing solutions help hotels and hotel groups increase engagement with their guests in real-time in order to identify guest satisfaction levels during-stay and follow up accordingly. In instances when guests are satisfied with their stay, they will have the opportunity to leave positive online reviews, become loyalty members, and qualify for upsells or upgrades. On the other hand, when guests are unsatisfied, hotel staff are alerted in real-time and tickets are automatically created in Routier’s cross-channel ticketing platform, enabling the staff to identify, handle, and resolve guest issues instantly and ensure that no guest leaves their venue unsatisfied. Oh yeah, did we mention the guests don’t need to download a thing or fill out any extra forms?

“Hospitality is based on delivering superior service and if businesses don’t deliver, they lose. It’s as simple as that,” says Gal Bareket, CEO of Routier. “We live in an era where 96% of guests don’t voice their complaints; 91% of them simply never return and take their business elsewhere. The incredible thing is that a majority of the issues the guests faced could have been solved during their stay if the property only knew about it!”

With its robust set of guest-facing and staff-side solutions, Routier helps hotels build revenues, improve online reputation, increase guest satisfaction, grow their loyalty member base, optimize staff performance, and much more.

Gal added, “At a time when guests are demanding new kinds of efficient and personalized service, Routier is helping hotels deliver it while streamlining operations and increasing margins. We look forward to helping hotels and boutique brands stay on the cutting edge.”

Routier’s growing client list includes luxury branded hotels in Manhattan, London, Tel Aviv and Toronto. The company expects rapid deployment in additional cities in the U.S and Europe, and is in discussions with the leading airline and cruise companies to bring its solutions to their verticals.