Routier launches platform to engage guests, staff

Originally appeared on HotelManagement

Tel Aviv-based start-up Routier has built a continuous communications solution to connect hotels with their guests at all times while they are on property—with no downloads or installations required. The company has opened a U.S. office in Manhattan to accelerate its growth, and has added branded hotel properties in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

“At a time when guests are demanding efficient and personalized service as they want it, when they want it, Routier is helping hotels deliver that experience while streamlining operations and increasing margins,” founder and CEO Gal Bareket said in a statement. “Now partnering with branded and independent hotels on three continents, we are revolutionizing how hospitality providers connect and engage with their guests and how guests engage with providers—on property, at all times.”

Routier’s seamless communications solution tackles one of the biggest challenges facing hotels—successfully connecting hotel staff and their guests at all times, to enhance the guest experience, improve operational efficiencies and drive increased guest revenue. Since the overwhelming number of guest requests are repeated over time, the data accumulated by Routier’s technology can also provide the foundation for more efficient application of staff time and on-property investment by hotel owners and management companies.