Routier Adds Artificial Intelligence to Its Hospitality Task Management System

Originally appeared on Hospitality Technology

Routier, a digital solutions company for the hospitality industry, announced “SPEEDY,” a new joint venture in partnership with artificial intelligence leader Bravo A.I. SPEEDY is a service that brings forth a task management system that intelligently automates and streamlines communication with hotel staff and between hotel staff so that hotel management can improve and optimize daily activities and repetitive assignments.

SPEEDY is based upon machine learning algorithms which suggest more appropriate solutions to how hotel staff operate and delegate their time. Additionally, this automated task delegation reduces human errors and inconsistencies, while helping hotel brands identify, measure and monitor all their venues performance levels in real-time and gain the clarity they need to increase and improve.

From prioritizing activities, task check-list, prioritization of rooms and real-time staff optimization systems. SPEEDY effectively helps hotels and its housekeeping staff more effectively prepare for guest arrivals.

Routier will help hotels and hospitality businesses optimize performance by automating repetitive and manual operations and tasks in order to help relieve the hotel staff from time consuming obligations. As the staff is equipped to respond more efficiently and quickly to guests, guest satisfaction levels will increase, CAC will be reduced, and revenues will increase. Routier’s AI capabilities will provide businesses with predictive analytics, using machine learning to optimize, predict and react to not only guests, but to other predictable and unpredictable events such as the increase and decrease in demand.

The Routier AI dashboard will digitalize and automate hotel operations, engagement, and marketing while providing real-time insights, feedback, and automation capabilities for the end user.