New York, NY, October 8, 2020: Top Rentals Collection, the first Argentinian Temporary Apartment Chain, in an effort to deliver contactless AI communication to hundreds of apartments, this week announced a strategic partnership with Routier. 

On a mission to improve accommodation services and deliver high-quality support to their guests, Top Rentals Collection has been working hard to leverage the power of technology in a contactless world. Thanks to Routier, it was able to do that.

 “This is the new way of satisfying guests’ needs,” said Emiliano Erro, Top Rentals General Manager. “At the actual context, where guests have requests during their stays and human contact seems to be restricted long-term, we can now improve our service by adding Routier to the process. Our guests can contact the front desk from their own devices, 24-7, without the need to download anything. They can also schedule requests for cleaning services for a special hour, as well as ask for meal options at nearby restaurants. Routiers’ AI bot is able to deliver the request to the relevant department. It’s a win-win.”

Routier has become essential in helping hospitality providers automatically and proactively reach out to their guests, respond to their requests instantly and delegate it to the relevant department, to reduce the strain on operations and allow quicker issue handling. Top Rental Collection uses Routier MessageHub to update on WiFi password, cleaning services, swimming pool access, gym access, local and international cuisine recommendation, and access to full furnished apartments and hotel rooms today.

“We are thankful to be led by hospitality experts with deep industry knowledge and experience, which are helping us gear our solutions and offerings during these unprecedented times,” said Gal Baraket, Founder of Routier. “In a world influenced by COVID-19, we see hospitality operators adapting quickly and embracing technology to improve their operations and increase guest satisfaction. We are proud to be that lifeline for our partner The Top Rental.”

Top Rentals Collection continues to increase and expand its service throughout South America, known as the best place in Argentina to enjoy a glass of wine, a modern apartment, and 5-star hotel service. 

Routier is a premier provider of touch-less hospitality solutions that has revolutionized hotel services and operations through AI, SaaS, and two-way digital guest communication. 

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