What is Routier?

Routier helps businesses engage with their guests in real-time, during stay, without requiring them to download a thing.

Our advanced suite of solutions enables hospitality businesses to reach objectives such as:

  • Increasing guest satisfaction
  • Increasing online/social reputation and presence
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Recognition and personalization
  • Increasing in-property upsells and revenues
  • Digital Marketing
  • Improve guest-issue response time

And much more!

Is Routier an app?

Nope. Routier is not an app and requires no installation or downloads on behalf of the guest. We also aren’t based on the landing page (the Wi-Fi login page). Additionally, Routier is not a text messaging (SMS) or email service either.

So how does Routier work?

On the guest side, it’s quite easy! All the guest needs to do is log onto your hotel’s Wi-Fi network (according to your hotel’s regular login requirements), begin surfing the net, and they will see your hotel’s customized bubble with the message of your choice.

To learn more about how it works on the hotel side or technical side, we would be happy to jump on a call with you and explain more. Contact us here.

What if the guest doesn’t want to be engaged with?

No problem! The guest can easily opt out by clicking the “x” button or the hotel can also opt out a guest from their staff-side dashboard.

Does Routier gather any guest experience analytics?

We sure do. We have an intuitive staff-side dashboard which gives the hotel a complete overview (from the highest level to the most granular details) on guest satisfaction levels, digital marketing analytics, social share analytics, problem handling analytics, and so forth.

What about the data? Do you keep it?

The data is ALL yours. The hotel owns their data and we don’t save any of it or sell it to any third parties.

How will it affect my internet?

Your internet will run as smoothly as it did before. Also, our technology enforces a 99.9% uptime policy.