17 August 2016
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Labour Will Fund Opportunity For All

Uk Graduation David Cheskin/PA Wire

Tomorrow, thousands of young people will be receiving their A-Level results, and making important decisions about their future. Labour wants to ensure that all students can take the abilities as far as their talents allow. But sadly, not all have equal access to education. Young people from less well-off backgrounds are being locked out of further studies... In this context it is disgraceful that the Conservative government abolished student grants -that gave young people low and middle income backgrounds a more level playing field, and risks more of Britain's talent not being developed to its full potential.

Ukip's Wales Leader Sort-Of Resigns In Latest Bizarre Move

Politics Ukip
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Corbyn Holds More Rallies For Leadership Campaign Than Remain

Transport Parties Horizontal
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Rise In Teens Seeking Counselling Over A Level And GCSE Results


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Most Girls Avoid Playing Sport During Periods.. Inspiring Laura Trott Quotes

Team GB Fans Are Giving Cycling 'Cheating' Claims The Response They Deserve

Athena Image
Bryn Lennon via Getty Images

Daily Mail Accused Of 'Casual Homophobia'. Again.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Britain First's Excuse For Losing Their High Court Battle Is Pretty Telling

Britain First
Britain First

Leave.EU Congratulates Team GB Cyclist. Gets Totally Shot Down

2016 Rio Olympic Gamessummer Olympic Gamessportsev
Patrick Semansky/AP

Corbyn Sitting On A Train Floor Confirms Everyone's Conflicting Views

Corbyn Train Floor

Cycling Domination, Expletive Rants And Olympic Spirit

The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2016 Olympic Games
Tim Clayton - Corbis via Getty Images

Britain Sets New Medals Record For Overseas Olympics With 50

2016 Summer Olympics Rio De Janeiro Sport The Olym
Clive Rose via Getty Images

Hurdler Falls At First Hurdle. Gives Lesson In The Olympic Spirt

Horizontal 110 Meters Hurdles
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

The Importance Of Social Media To Fight Censorship

Aol Powershift

7 Laura Trott Quotes Sum Up Why She's An Inspiration To Girls

Olympics Cycling Mid Length Half Top Half Rio2016 Brazil2016 Bestofolympics2016dayeleven Midweeksport1608 Idsok
David Davies/PA Wire

Police Tried To Use Hiddleston In The Fight Against Terrorism

Arts Culture And Entertainment Celebrities Sydney Feedrouted_global Topix Bestof
Newspix via Getty Images

Student ‘Who Stabbed Couple To Death Found Chewing Man’s Face'

Austin Harrouff
Martin County Sheriff's Office

Whoever Is Responsible For This Crop Circle Is On A Weed-To-Know Basis

South West News Service
Hugh Newman / SWNS.com

Furious Parking Row Sees BMW Dented By 1ft Long Sausage

Close Up Color Image Copy Space Curving Cut Out Food And Drink Fresh Horizontal Ingredient Knotting Meat Nobody Nourishing Nutrition Photography
Frank Bean via Getty Images

The World's Largest Wind Farm Is Being Built Here In The UK

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Electric Cars.. Fifth Force Of Nature.. World's First Quantum Satellite.. Cyber-Scammer Revenge

Laura Trott Becomes Most Successful Female British Olympian Ever

Athena Image
Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Jason Kenny Wins Historic SIXTH Olympic Gold Medal

2016 Rio Olympic Gamessummer Olympic Gamessportsev

Radical Preacher Anjem Choudary Convicted Of Supporting Islamic State

Anjem Choudary Mugshot
Metropolitan Police

BBC Commentator Sparks Fresh Sexism Row With Laura Trott Comment

Athena Image
Eric Gaillard / Reuters

Irish Boxer 'Cheated' In Olympic Fight With Russian Unleashes Epic Rant

2016 Summer Olympics Rio De Janeiro Sport The Olympic Games Summer Olympic Games Boxing Rio De Janeiro Feedrouted_global
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

'Shocking' Survey Finds Most Girls Avoid Sport While On Periods

Sadness Disappointnment Failed
Nikolaevich via Getty Images

These Two Olympic Runners Crashed But Sum Up Olympic Spirit

2016 Summer Olympics Rio De Janeiro Sport The Olym
Patrick Smith via Getty Images

Claims Independent Scotland Would Be 13th In Olympics Are Rubbish

David Cheskin/PA

Jess Phillips Hints She May Quit Labour If Corbyn Wins

Politics Labour Government Labour Politicians Poli
Yui Mok/PA Archive
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Mum's Appeal To Find Daughter's Favourite T-Shirt Works A Little Too Well

Facebook/Deborah Grimshaw Skouson

'CBB' Lewis Isn't Being Paid As Much As He'd Like Everyone To Believe

Lewis Bloor
Ben A. Pruchnie via Getty Images

Rebecca Adlington And Mark Foster Joke About Olympics 'Flirting'

Bbc Breakfast

Stephanie Davis Could Be About To Land A Permanent 'Loose Women' Role

Stephanie Davis
Steve Meddle/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Runner's 'Sports Bra Chafing' Turns Out To Be Cancer

PA Real Life

Beauty Vlogger Shares Powerful Message Of Self-Love

Barcroft Images
Barcroft Images

Ford Will Mass-Produce A Fully Autonomous Car By 2021

America Americas North Car Cars Auto Autos Confere
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Someone Is Trolling Islamophobes In Berlin With This Incredible Tote Bag

Tote Bag
Nader Al-Sarras/Facebook

Mum Writes Letter To Passenger Who Shouted At Her Disabled Daughter On Flight


Mum Pumps Breast Milk In Hotel Lobby To Prove A Point About Breastfeeding


Fitness Fanatic Holds Flagpole Pose With Two Kids Stood On His Abs

Flag Pole Pose Athlete

This Kid Inhaled A Dog Toy And Now He Can't Stop Squeaking

Boy Inhales Dog Toy

Kylie's Fiancé Says 'Magic And Sex' Makes Their Relationship Work

Athena Image
David M. Benett via Getty Images

'CBB' Viewers Left Cringing At Heavy D's Eviction Interview

Athena Image
Danny Martindale via Getty Images