Revolutionize Wi-Fi Networks

Our In-Browser platform enables a new content layer aimed to engage Wi-Fi Users.

The innovative technology monetizes Wi-Fi networks, while clients enjoy free Internet. Virtually engaging clients provides an upgraded user experience and maximizes the benefits to network providers and its users.

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What can we offer

  • Online Sevices

    Choose the way, time and place to appear on your customers smartphones, tablets or laptops

  • ROI

    Increase revenue by promoting your services and products

  • Client Data Analytics

    Get new business insights from network data collection and real time customer feedback

Meet the team

  • Guy Laybovitz

    Guy is a senior computer engineer and has vast experience bringing ideas from board sketches to industry grade products. He has worked as a consultant to ThetaRay, Verint, ClarityRay and various other High-Tech companies.

  • Gal Bareket

    Gal is a visionary leader that has the conviction to achieve anything through hard work. He has more than 8 years management experience, working in various business development and leadership positions both in the public and private sector.

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