Guest Messaging is the "New Normal"

Facing challenges during COVID-19

  • Overcome the “New Normal” challenges with the right partner

    • Hotel team size will take time to gradually grow in terms of personnel
    • Social distancing and guest communication/guest management protocols are going to
    • play a critical role in ensuring the satisfaction of guests
    • Guests are going to be highly cautious and selective due to the pandemic
    • Only 25% of guests will report an issue, leaving you:
  • Only 25% of guests will report an issue, leaving you:

    • a) Blind: Without the ability to achieve in-house recovery, conduct damage
    • control, focus on building a returning client base, or enhance your reputation.
    • b) Exposed: Without the ability to increase the number of positive reviews or
    • prevent the impact of poor reviews on your reputation.
    • c) Powerless:  Without the ability to do anything to stop this cycle.
    • d) Confused: Without a comprehensive image of your customer service
    • performance.
recovery & service

How Routier Helps

Streamline operations and make things easier and safer for your guests by proactively reaching out to your guests over their preferred communication platform and using their own devices

Increase Revenue

Dramatically increase your revenue streams by delivering the right message when it matters the most catering to the guests' on-demand needs.

Recovering Properties

Enhance your guests' experiences while fully comply with cleanliness and social distancing concerns, regardless of reduced labor resources.

One Comprehensive Solution

Easy-to-use hotel teams task management/ticketing system equipped with an Al staff agent assist in providing critical safety reminders & updates

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