Nothing has highlighted the need for a complete, comprehensive, and sophisticated birds eye view of your hotel organization more than the COVID-19 pandemic. In a vastly different landscape that has virtually shut down the tourism industry and the travel industry alike, it’s clear that hotels need to do everything in their power to ensure that their facilities are operating at peak performance – and doing so efficiently is the key. Where profits are uncertain, revenue is a challenge, and maintaining your bottom line seems all but impossible, there is a single software solution specifically designed to help today’s hotel businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Used by CEOs, COOs, Heads of Experience, GMs, and hotel managers as their standard, go-to measurement tool for managing and benchmarking their operations, services, and guest satisfaction levels, Routier is the only real-time multi-property birds eye view available on the market – and good thing, it’s the very best one too.

What Is Routier? 

Routier is built on a three-tiered approach. When a hotel or hospitality businesses uses all three tiers in conjunction with one another, they open themselves up to a holistic solution that covers all of their most critical needs in a time where the industry is still in limbo. 

Take a look down below to learn more about the three-tiered solution that Routier offers: 

Tier 1 - Routier’s Messagehub™ empowers hotel owners, managers, and staff members to seamlessly and proactively engage with their guests in real-time, using an omni-channel AI agent that is available 24/7.

Tier 2 - Routier’s WorkFlow helps hotel managers adjust their operations to make task delegation between teams, operators, and departments seamless. It’s suitable for both small crews and enhanced crews, while offering real-time property-level operational data & insight that leaders can use to make informed decisions.

Tier 3 - Routier’s UPI provides the first real-time multi-property performance score, which is comprised of both guest and staff indicators to help your team understand exactly how well they’re performing in relation to the new normal of guest expectations.

In previous articles, we’ve taken a deep dive into the Messagehub™ tool, in addition to the WorkFlow. In today’s brief, we’d like to introduce you to the third tier – Routier’s UPI. This comprehensive performance index is a unique score that hotel managers and executives can use to better adapt to the changing market in one of the most volatile landscapes that the industry has ever seen.

What Is The Routier UPI?

Routier’s Unified Performance Index (UPI) is a weighted performance score measured on a scale from 1-10 and based on real-time data collected through an advanced automated process. This unique score functions to rate all of your properties’ operational efforts according to your brand’s SLA. 

With this comprehensive score, Routier helps corporate offices, management, and local leadership gain a closer look into the performance of every location under their jurisdiction. From there, Routier helps to encourage healthy competition and operations improvement to ensure the ultimate level of guest satisfaction during a time where their needs and concerns are the most important parts of your business.

Through your UPI, you can gain a deeper insight into the success of your brand, and the overall reception of your brand reputation. With this critical information, you can make informed decisions that help to bring your brand back into the game in a post-COVID world.

How Is UPI Calculated?

Through data that Routier collects in real-time, your UPI is calculated using the following parameters as outlined below: 

Satisfaction Score

This unique score demonstrates exactly how satisfied your guests were during their stay. This data is collected automatically through the 24/7 Ai Agent.

Ticket Resolution Score

Again, because the 24/7 Ai Agent is designed to solve issues, to provide solutions, and to address the needs of your guests, Routier automatically collects this information and provides you with a score related to your number of issues resolved. 

First Response Score

This unique score reflects the amount of time it takes for a ticket to be assigned and marked as “in progress” once it has been received. To gain a higher score in this section, you need to shorten the duration of time that passes between a filed ticket and an assigned ticket.

Ticket Closed Score

Like the First Response Score, this score directly reflects the time it takes for a ticket to be marked as closed/resolved from the time it had initially been received.

Altogether, the average of these four scores make up your UPI.

View A Sample UPI Report

To learn exactly what your UPI looks like, take a look at the sample dashboard below. From there, you’ll be able to see your score on all of the above measures, including your overall UPI report. 

Routier provides you with all of the information you need to determine your progress across periods of time. Never before has there been a more comprehensive measurement specifically designed to help hotel managers and executives gain more comprehensive control over their brand in real-time.

Having the ability to identify, measure, and monitor performance across all of your properties in real-time helps you gain more clarity over the most critical aspects of your brand. Many of our clients go on to leverage this clarity to set benchmarks and data-driven business targets for certain properties or teams, to reduce CPA and increase retention, to create incentive programs designed to keep properties maintained, up to date, and updated, and to optimize hotel operations and marketing strategies all across the board.

It’s time to watch it all unfold right before your eyes in real-time – Routier makes it all possible. 

It’s Time To Learn More About Routier

If you’re ready to learn more about how Routier can help your hotel recover in a post-COVID landscape, then you should head on over to our website. View our extensive range of features and see Routier in action. From there, you can contact us directly to speak with a member from our team and learn more about how you can acquire Routier as a white label solution for your software development firm. 

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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