The Top 3 Reasons Hotels Need To Focus On Customer Experience and Satisfaction

The hotel and hospitality business is an ever-changing landscape, and in recent years, it has become a cut-throat, hyper-competitive environment.

It’s more important than ever for hoteliers and hospitality industry as a whole to focus on what works for their industry, and to find a competitive edge that puts them above their competition. Curious about what that edge might be? It’s simple – great customer experiences and high rates of satisfaction.

If your hotel isn’t putting a fantastic customer experience first and foremost in its business plan, you’re missing out on a huge amount of growth potential, and methods by which you can continue to grow brand loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 3 reasons, you should focus on customer experiences – and on providing incredible customer satisfaction rates through great customer service.

  1. You’re Selling An Experience – Whether You Want To Or Not

 This can be a hard fact for hotels to accept. The truth of the matter is that hotels don’t actually sell a place to stay. They sell experiences.

The experience of visiting Las Vegas, the experience of having a soft bed after a tough business trip, the experience of exceptional room service delivered to a customer with a smile. Whether you like it or not, you’re selling an experience – and that’s how your customer sees your services.

Each aspect of your hotel, therefore, must be carefully sculpted to provide a fantastic experience for your customers. A smooth check-in process means nothing if a customer gets poor maid service, and even the best hotel amenities can’t make up for a rude valet or staff member.

Customers remember everything about their stay at your hotel, so it’s in your best interest to ensure that their experience is smooth, uncomplicated, and hassle-free. If you prioritize this tip above all others, you will experience higher satisfaction with your services, and increased growth. 

2. Great Customer Experiences Promote Brand Loyalty

 A great customer experience goes above and beyond what a customer expects – and this produces strong feelings of brand loyalty. For example:

 Customer A is checking in to his hotel. The worker behind the desk is friendly enough, but the process takes a bit longer than he’d like. He then buys a coffee from the shop in the lobby – and it’s a bit sub-par, but acceptable. He goes to his room. It’s clean – but it could certainly be cleaner.

He leaves the next morning, satisfied but unimpressed. He certainly doesn’t have any strong feelings toward the hotel he stayed in – because they didn’t deliver exceptional service.

Customer B checks into a different hotel. The worker behind the desk greets him with a smile, and gives him his room key in seconds – they’ve been expecting him. He get a delicious, piping-hot coffee from the Starbucks in the lobby, and it’s just what he needs after a long flight. He walks into a clean, comfortable hotel room, and plops himself down on his bed. The front desk attendant calls him to see if he needs anything else – but he’s covered for the night.

He leaves the hotel the next morning, impressed with the service he received – and more loyal to the hotel brand, and more likely to use their facilities in the future.

Though the differences between these two scenarios seem subtle, the outcome is totally different. A dedication to a great customer experience is all it takes to promote brand loyalty among your customers.

When your hotel management and staff are all dedicated to the same goal – incredible customer experiences – you would be surprised at how much your guests appreciate your efforts.

 3. The Experience of Your Customers – Good And Bad – Reflects Upon Your Entire Organization

 This fact should not be underestimated. If you have even a single under-performing hotel, your entire brand suffers.

It doesn’t matter if 90% of your hotels provide incredible customer experiences. If 10% of your hotels are performing poorly that reflects on your overall brand – and can severely damage public perceptions of your hotel.

The same goes for workers. If you have even a single employee who is careless or rude, you can damage the reputation of the entire hotel – and the organization that runs said hotel.

Each and every customer experience colors their perception of your entire organization – so you should make it your focus to concentrate on your customers at every single hotel you organize.

So align your corporate business strategy towards incredible customer satisfaction and experiences. From the front-desk workers, to the valets, maids, and parking attendants, every single worker in your business should understand that prioritizing great customer service is their primary objective – above everything else.

You can’t please everyone, of course – even if you try your very best, you may have some difficult customers.

But if your customers truly understand that you’re dedicated to their needs, and to providing a great experience, they will have a better perception of your organization, and be more satisfied with their stay in your hotel.

Focus On Brilliant Customer Experiences – And See The Difference In Your Hotel Today

A simple refocusing effort towards great customer service and experiences can be just the edge you need in the competitive world of hospitality. You’ll increase the satisfaction that customers have with your services, build brand loyalty, and help increase the overall market profile of your organization.

Don’t wait any longer. Focus on your customers, focus on the satisfaction of their needs, and focus on building your business by providing the absolute best in customer experiences.

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