Millennial hotel guests come with their own needs and expectations. From the way they travel to the sorts of budgetary constraints that they have to work with, millennials present new challenges and exciting opportunities for the hospitality industry.

Why Do Millennials Matter?

Millennials represent both an already significant and a growing percentage of the marketplace. By 2030, they will constitute the largest generational segment of the global population. One way or another, your hotel will need to develop an outreach strategy both through marketing and through accommodation options so that you can tap into this often overlooked demographic.Whereas Baby Boomers ruled the past, millennials will dominate the future. Any hotel that wants to stay relevant and expand the reach of their business will need to connect with the up-and-coming generation.

The Hi-Tech Generation

Bear in mind that millennials are much more interconnected than their predecessors. They have spent their entire lives surrounded by technology, and they love to share their experiences with the world. While a Baby Boomer client is more likely to air their grievances with your management or staff members, a millennial is apt to voice their opinions and their concerns online, either via a Facebook post or in a Yelp review. Because word of mouth spreads especially quickly among the millennial population, it's vital to cultivate a positive connection and to create an agreeable experience for your millennial guests.This can prove surprisingly demanding. A single negative encounter (an unclean room, an impolite desk clerk, a wi-fi outage) can go viral, and this might adversely affect the appeal your hotel has for millennial guests. For that reason, you need to make an extra effort to ensure that all of your hotel's services are on point. This might seem exhausting, but there are long-lasting benefits as well: if a millennial has an especially positive experience at your hotel, they're likely to leave a positive review or to blab about it on social media. Positive feedback attracts attention to your business, and this means more business in the future.


Studies show that millennials love to travel. Between business travel and vacations, it is estimated that millennials embark upon as many as nine trips per year. They often prefer pursuing experiences rather than accumulating possessions, and to that end, you'll want to help them get the most out of the time they spend at their destination. Without beating them over the head with politeness, make sure that your facility caters to their needs. This means providing a comfortable room, helpful guides to the local sights, sounds, and scenery, and amenities like a swimming pool and an exercise facility.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Because millennials are so active on social media, you'll want to craft an intriguing social media persona that appeals to millennial sensibilities. Keep in mind that millennials have been bombarded with advertising since birth; they are not likely to be receptive to old school marketing techniques or direct appeals for their business. Millennials respond to humor, to stimulating media, and to a mild touch of irony. If you're interested in drawing millennial eyes to your social media profile, you may want to consider hiring a social media specialist, and preferably one who is a millennial. By hiring a millennial to market your business, you can trust their judgment when it comes to reaching out to people from their generation. They know what's cool, what feels old fashioned, and what strategies just straight-up doesn't work.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Millennials have their own needs and expectations. This is a generation that is uniquely burdened with student loan debt, so they are always on the lookout for the most cost-effective option. This may mean that you need to offer special promotions, or to reexamine the look and feel of your hotel. Millennials are much less likely to be interested in staying at the Ritz Carlton; they'd rather stay someplace quirky and cool if it helps them budget for an immersive and cheap vacation.By following these steps, you can ensure that your hotel stays on the cutting edge of marketing to the hip new generation. The hospitality industry is more competitive now than ever, and it's vital to keep ahead of the game -- your competitors are already marketing to millennials, and you'll want to make sure that your hotel is staying relevant. By actively reaching out to millennials, you can guarantee that your hotel will attract business from members of their generation, and from the generation that comes after that.

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