Online reviews are a big thing today. Thanks to the innovations brought by the internet revolution, people can now take their grievances or praises of a product, service, or service provider online, where the entire world can see it. Businesses everywhere are now more wary about online reviews than even feedback that comes directly from the customer – and why not? After all, a review acts like a public announcement about the business. As such, it has as much power to topple a reputed company as it has to create a good image of it in the market!5 Reasons Hotels Should Pay Close Attention To Online ReviewsIn a hotel, it all comes down to what the customer says about the service. In other kinds of businesses, a customer can be happy with the product that she/he has brought, and not bother much bout the service. In a hotel, however, the service IS the product – and it all boils down to how well the guest is satisfied with the service he or she has received.InstantOnline reviews are instant. The world will come to know about how good or bad you are the very moment that your guest writes about you. Online reviews about your services could even be getting posted while the guest is staying on your premises!Wider ReachBecause everyone on the internet has access to online reviews, what your guest has to say about your hotel on the web will have a much wider reach than what he/she would tell the neighbors back at home. Everyone who is interested to know about your hotel will invariably end up reading these reviews, which will be then become the main factor influencing their decision to book a room at your property.Can Be Shared And Re-SharedThe next thing that an online reader would do after reading reviews of your hotel would be to share them on a social networking site. Once the review reaches a platform like this, it can then get re-shared multiple times, and before you know it, you would have a gained an all – new reputation on the web – and whether the reputation is positive or not depends on how you have treated your guests.Can Get ViralViral posts are the worst nightmare for any business. If the online reviews have reached social media, there is every chance that they can get shared on gigantic scale! However, this possibility need it be a bad thing. If you know how to play your cards well, you can do stuff which will go viral for all positive reasons! No amount of marketing will be able to give you the same results as this would.More Trusted By Prospective GuestsThis is a very interesting fact. Future guests are more likely to believe what they read in reviews than what they read on your website. There is also a tendency to cross-check about your services with online reviews. Needless to say, online reviews can really sway the flow of guests into your hotel in any direction!

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