We all have eventually run across bizarre stories on the internet that caused quite a stir. Whether you are touring a popular website or scanning the simplest forum, you will usually see one story or complaint too strange to comprehend. That is exactly what hotel staff encountered when guests made these bizarre complaints.From their girlfriend's snore keeping them awake to their bed sheets being too white, these complaints are way beyond the control of the hotel, and human abilities (Unless you have been gifted with out-of-this-world superpowers). While we cannot do anything to satiate their complaints, we can laugh and satiate ourselves.

  1. Sea Is Too Blue.

Everyone enjoys a nice hotel located near the coastline. The beautiful view can easily capture your attention – that is, until someone in the next room starts making a commotion. Naturally, your human curiosity kicks in and you take it upon yourself to listen through the walls. After a few minutes of silence, you hear a guest complain about the sea being too blue.While many people grow weary looking at the sea's blue hue, there is nothing the staff can do about it. In some cases, the customer is not always right. If this hotel guest is upset about the ocean's color, just wait until she sees the sky.

  1. Ice Cream Is Too Cold

There is nothing better than buying ice cream on a hot summer's day. You automatically expect it to have a cold temperature. Its coolness is one of the reasons it is named "ice cream". Well, this one hotel guest did not get the memo.The hotel staff received a complaint about a customer's ice cream being "too cold". This is the most unexpected complaint a person can make about ice cream. Even if the staff warmed up the deliciously cool treat, the customer would probably say, "This is not what I ordered, why isn't it cold?"

  1. Bed sheets Are Too White

Judging the color of a hotel's bed sheets is the best way to tell if a room has been cleaned; if the sheets are not white, then the cleaning staff probably has not made their way to that area yet. For most hotel guest, the brighter the linen the more comfortable they are with the room. This, however, was not the case with this guest.Yes, someone actually complained about their sheets being "too white". Bedsheets that have been bleached to the fullest are probably the cleanest ones you will ever lay on (besides your own, of course). While some guest have sensitivity to bright colors, most will not see their sheets until they are actually preparing to go to bed, where their eyes will be closed.

  1. Waves Were Too Loud in a Sea-View Room.

Some people defy the laws of logic and sometimes, even physics. Apparently, these guests did not understand how noise works. They reportedly complained about hearing "wave sounds" while in their sea-view room.The hotel staff cannot do anything about how loud nature is. If you cannot withstand the sound of the ocean, then it is best not to rent a sea-view room, or to buy some very good earplugs.

  1. Waiter Was Too Handsome

We have all wanted a beautiful/handsome staff member to serve our tables. Who wouldn't want someone dripping in good looks delivering your food? Apparently, this one female hotel guest did not.bigA female guest complained about a waiter's extreme handsomeness. While his appearance was probably blindingly dazzling, I cannot fathom anyone who would complain about it. I am quite sure many who heard the complaint were equally confused.

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