It should come as no surprise to hear that COVID-19 has officially disrupted the hospitality industry. After all, social distancing isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when you offer exciting amenities like bars, restaurants, pools, spas, and the like. With that said, hotels are now looking for new ways to bridge the gap between remaining mindful of reopening, and continuing to offer the experience that they’ve always offered to their guests far and wide.

Here at Routier, we’ve been hard at work designing an effective guest communications platform specifically designed to help hotel owners, managers, and team members streamline their guest management strategy and operations strategy in the wake of COVID-19.

Through this technology, we enable hotels to welcome guests who are cautious of traveling, ensure guests that they always have a dedicated line of communication even with reduced staff, and ensuring team members that they can continue to complete their daily tasks without having to worry about a dip in hotel reputation.

This is the future of guest communications.

What Is Routier?

Remember, hotel team sizes are still limited, which means that your interactions with guests will be limited too. Social distancing and guest communication protocols are going to play a critical role in ensuring the satisfaction of guests in the wake of COVID-19. With that said, it means that hotels are faced with the challenge of making informed decisions based off of limited information and limited data. Thanks to Routier, you can embrace this challenge and ensure that your team remains informed, aware, and able to deliver on your guest management or guest relations strategy.

Routier is a three-tiered solution.

Tier 1 - Routier’s Messagehub™ empowers hotel owners, managers, and staff members to seamlessly and proactively engage with their guests in real-time, using an omni-channel AI

agent that is available 24/7.

Tier 2 - Routier’s WorkFlow helps hotel managers adjust their operations to make task delegation between teams, operators, and departments seamless. It’s suitable for both small crews and enhanced crews, while offering real-time property-level operational data & insight that leaders can use to make informed decisions.

Tier 3 - Routier’s UPI provides the first real-time multi-property performance score, which is comprised of both guest and staff indicators to help your team understand exactly how well

they’re performing in relation to the new normal of guest expectations.

The Benefits

For hotels, the benefits are limitless. Instantly bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic more streamlined, more communicative, more technologically advanced, and more guest-centric than ever before.

For guests, they’ll gain the peace of mind knowing that they always have a simple, touch-less communication platform by their side – literally! By interacting with an AI agent through their own mobile device, they can reap the benefits of 24/7 support without having to break social distancing guidelines.

It’s time for you to learn more about Routier. Pay our website a visit to unlock our full list of features!

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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