It should come as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every single industry that helps our global and interconnected economy flourish. However, no industry has been hit harder than the hospitality industry. With potential guests quarantined in their homes, with airlines seeing less and less ridership, and with travelers choosing to stay put in order to comply with domestic and national travel restrictions, it’s clear to see that the hospitality industry has taken quite a hit financially. 

Less travelers means less bookings – and less bookings means less revenue. In turn, less revenue means staff cuts. At a time where the world is slowly beginning to open back up – even in spite of new warnings that a second surge of infections around the world might be on the horizon – the hospitality industry is looking to come back more efficient, more streamlined, and more communicative than ever before. 

Hotels are going to be forced to do more with less – this means attending to guests’ needs, monitoring facilities, and delivering stellar service will become more difficult, and it will certainly require every team member working in unison to get things done correctly. 

Thanks to Routier, hotels can recover from COVID-19 more agile, more efficient, and more transparent than ever before.

What Is Routier?

Routier is a comprehensive guest communications platform specifically designed to provide the hotel industry with a single solution to all of their challenges. From guest management and communication, to staff communication, to operational efficiency, Routier is a single software application that comes with a number of unique tools designed to make things easier.

In this strange new landscape that we find ourselves in, social distancing has quickly become the new normal. Even in hotels, guests are spaced further apart, common areas are limited to just a few guests at a time, and fewer staff members are around to uphold the quality standards that you set for yourself.

Thanks to Routier’s three-tiered solution, hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry can take advantage of our technology to drive efficiency throughout their organization. Take a look down below to learn more about our three-tiered approach:

Routier’s Messagehub

The Messagehub™ is your one-stop guest engagement dashboard, ultimately providing you with a simple and seamless window into your guest’s experience. We’re going to get into this a bit more in our next article. But for now, know that Messagehub™ allows you to proactively engage with your guests in real-time through an omni-channel AI agent that is available 24/7. Allow your guests to choose which device they’d like to connect with you on, and Messagehub™ will do the rest.

Routier’s WorkFlow

WorkFlow is your comprehensive portal into the inner workings of team communication. Designed with hotel managers and staff members in mind, WorkFlow makes it easier than ever before for managers to delegate tasks quickly between teams, operators, and departments seamlessly. Perfect for small crews or enhanced crews, you can rest assured knowing that WorkFlow will remain your communications partner.

Not to mention, WorkFlow also collects real-time property-level operational data and insight that leaders can use to make informed decisions related to operations and services.

Routier’s UPI

The UPI is the most comprehensive multi-property performance score that a hotel can use to gauge its overall effectiveness across operations and services. Using real-time metrics driven by guest and staff indicators, hotel managers can gain a closer look into the inner workings of their entire operation. From there, they can gauge performance in relation to the new normal of guest expectations that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on.

The Return Could Be Substantial

The cost of implementing and integrating Routier into your daily workflow is substantially outweighed by the potential return. Think about it – Routier provides you with the ability to quickly and seamlessly simplify the way your guests communicate with your staff. Streamline team interactions and drive efficiency throughout your ranks. And from there, take a closer look at true, real-time metrics that help you make more informed decisions related to your services, operations, and facilities. 

In essence, Routier makes it easier to increase ROI and efficiency without increasing your labor costs. If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that we have to learn how to do more with less. Due to social distancing restrictions and capacity limitations, hotel managers are forced to make the most out of their limited staff, and by streamlining communication amongst your staff and between your team members and guests, you can help to pave the way for better service, a better experience, and a better review or rating after the fact.

Give your team members the peace of mind knowing that their hotel is willing to invest in a solution that makes their lives and their jobs easier. Allow the AI staff agent system to communicate with your guests to free your staff members up to handle more pressing matters. From there, utilize the multi-property birds eye view to identify, measure, and monitor your hotels’ operational performance in real-time. 

It’s Time To Learn More About Routier

If you’re ready to learn more about how Routier can help your hotel recover in a post-COVID landscape, then you should head on over to our website. View our extensive range of features and see Routier in action. From there, you can contact us directly to speak with a member from our team and learn more about how you can integrate Routier into your daily workflow as soon as possible. 

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

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