COVID-19 is still very much alive and well all throughout the world. And even as businesses and industries continue to open back up in a safe and socially distant manner, it’s safe to say that we still have quite a ways to go to get back to a place that – even remotely – resembles “normal.” In fact, it’s probably a bit more accurate to say that we’re likely to return to a “new normal.” This strange new landscape has made it difficult for a number of critical industries to recover in a way that seems familiar. Instead, these industries have been thrust into the spotlight as they strive to offer “business as usual,” in a world that simply isn’t as usual as it once was. 

The hotel and hospitality industry, for example, is being forced to cope with strict social distance guidelines and capacity restrictions that are severely hindering its ability to turn a profit. Not only that, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for even the largest and most successful resort chains in the world to maintain a grip on their operations and staff members. For instance, Disney just announced that they’re cutting more than 25,000 jobs across its US resorts due to the severe blow that COVID-19 landed on its bottom line. 

Not only is this development shocking, but it is also quite troubling. The fact of the matter is that there are less people traveling now than prior to the pandemic, and that’s making a direct impact on how hotels are going about their day to day operations. At this time, it’s clear to see that most hotels are trying to do more with less. With fewer staff members returning to work either due to layoffs, social distancing guidelines, or for health concerns, hotel managers are finding it more and more challenging to meet the needs of their guests with limited workers available. 

Thanks to Routier, you can recover from COVID-19 and provide your guests with a new and socially distant experience – all without adding a single worker to your payroll.

What Is Routier?

Routier is a comprehensive guest communications platform specifically designed to provide the hotel industry with a single solution to all of their challenges. From guest management and communication, to staff communication, to operational efficiency, Routier is a single software application that comes with a number of unique tools designed to make things easier.

If you’d like to learn all about Routier’s three-tiered solution, take a look at our previous article. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the exciting features that Routier offers to ensure that your guests enjoy their stay with clear, concise, and consistent communication. 

Remember – in this new normal, guests want to know your actions, your operations, and your protocols to keep them safe. Thanks to Routier, you can make your guest engagement and communications processes easier than ever before. 

Two-Way Guest Messaging Is The New Normal

In the pre-COVID world, hotels would simply wait until their guests asked a question to provide much in the way of communication. Often times, guests would either call or visit the concierge desk to inquire about early check-ins, late check-outs, room requests, additional accommodations, travel recommendations, dinner reservations, and the like. 

Thanks to Routier, you can help to usher in the new normal for guest engagement and communication. Equipped with a powerful 24/7 Ai agent that proactively reaches out to your guests through their preferred channel of choice, you can rest assured knowing that your guests are being heard, listened to, and accounted for with Routier.

Our Guest Messaging Feature At A Glance

One of the most exciting aspects of Routier is its ability to quickly automate things like guest feedback collection, concierge services, and check-in. For instance, Routier can quickly intercept negative online reviews by resolving issues with your guests in real-time. It’ll proactively reach out to guests and ensure that whatever inkling they had in their mind about writing a negative review is quickly turned into a positive.

From there, Routier makes it easier for you to manage concierge without the need for bringing another employee onto your payroll. Allow your on-site/remote concierge seamlessly assist your guests as they arrive and throughout the duration of their stay. In addition to that, allow your new Ai agent to send and receive documents from your guests with attachments for a contactless check-in and check-out process, ultimately ensuring a safe and socially distant experience for all parties involved.

Measuring The Return

We get it – integrating a solution takes time and always comes at an initial cost. And the reasons for doing so aren’t always clear. But we’d like you to rest assured knowing that the benefits of integrating Routier into your hotel operations for the purposes of guest engagement and communication are far too critical. 

The benefits for your guests are virtually endless. Use Routier to fulfill requests faster, to make personalized recommendations and send them directly to your guests’ platform and device of choice, to receive positive feedback, to address issues, and to ensure that your guests can enjoy a contactless stay in your hotel.

It’s Time To Learn More About Routier

If you’re ready to learn more about how Routier can help your hotel recover in a post-COVID landscape, then you should head on over to our website. View our extensive range of features and see Routier in action. From there, you can contact us directly to speak with a member from our team and learn more about how you can integrate Routier into your daily workflow as soon as possible. 

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