Meet Leora!


Living my best life at Routier

New Jersey girl turns Tel Avivian

Hi there, I’m Leora. Check out the cool view from my office building.

So, what has my experience with Routier been like so far?

As an overall summary, my internship makes me want to point at the other people on my summer program and laugh because their internship is less cool. I’m familiar with Israel and its culture, however it’s my first time both living in Tel Aviv and working in an office. Tel Aviv is an amaaaazing place to live, especially for a vegan food fan, dog lover, and beach goer like myself. The shakshuka is #fire and the city is so vibrant (and humid as heck). My first office job is probably setting me up with an unrealistic expectation for office life because it is really fun here. Everyone at Routier works so hard yet somehow there is no stress in the atmosphere; it’s a space of friendship and good laughs (and free food hurray). The positive attitude and friendliness of Routier’s staff is the highlight of interning here. I am constantly learning and absorbing new information- especially about Customer Success Management- thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of my superiors. There’s valuable work for me to do, which is rare for a short internship. I feel very lucky to spend some time here, thank you to all the staff for taking me in, and thanks Destination Israel for the opportunity to be in Israel doing this!

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