A Brand Promise envelops within itself the image, values, abilities, purpose and strategy of a brand. It goes beyond a particular product or service to convey an experience that a customer relates to. Brand promise allows you to define your product precisely and create an emotional connection with your target audience. While aggressive marketing can increase your visibility in the market, in order to create a loyal client base, you need to go beyond the materialistic transactions and fulfil a promise that your brand upholds. A brand promise is at once compact and detailed, conveying your brand’s entire ideology through a few words and visuals.

How important is a Hotel’s Brand Promise?

Brand Promise is of supreme importance in the hotel industry which is a service based sector heavily dependent on client response. Research indicates that 65% of a company’s business is generated by existing customers and it is five to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain one. A well-defined brand promise for a hotel serves many purposes – it provides customers the exact reasons they need to choose that hotel, it gives the employees a broad view of the goals to be accomplished and it sets the hotel apart from its competitors. However, even more important than the brand promise is the fulfilment of those promises – a repeat customer is one who not only relates to the image of a hotel but is fully satisfied with its unique features as upheld by the brand promise.

How Does Your Brand Promise Lead to Brand Loyalty?

A hotel’s brand value is enhanced when the hotel delivers consistently on its brand promise. A few ways in which this works are-

  1. Clarity -A hotel’s brand promise can focus on its uniqueness like location, luxury, affordability or unparalleled service. But it should not become a melting pot of confusing ideas that the customer can’t relate to.
  2. Consistency – A loyal customer is one who is satisfied with every aspect of a hotel’s service, starting from the booking to the stay and post-stay communications. It is not enough to provide the customer with material comforts only, a hotel needs be make the customer feel valued at every occasion.
  3. Credibility – Employees of a hotel must be able to realize its brand promise by internalizing the ideals and values that the hotel stands for. A guest’s experience at the hotel is largely dependent on the services provided by the employees and repeat guests are often those who feel cherished by service providers.
  4. Feedback – Hotels must regularly seek feedback regarding their performance from their patrons. In this manner an existing customer feels that his opinion is valued and the hotel gets a real picture of their success in delivering the brand promise.
  5. Support- A hotel’s can generate loyal customers by providing great assistance in answering queries or addressing grievances. A customer who could alter or cancel bookings without any hassle will definitely have a pleasant memory of the experience thereby increasing the chances of his re-booking.

It requires hard work and determination to build a loyal customer base in a hotel; an effective brand promise makes it easier by establishing an immediate connection with the customers.

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