Managing your hotel's online reputation is essential to ensuring the success of your business. More than one third of consumers today will not book a hotel room without first reading reviews online. Hotels that have poor or no reviews on TripAdvisor and social media risk losing customers. On the other hand, hotels with good reviews stand out from the crowd and attract more bookings. Here are some great tips for making your hotel stand out online.

  1. Remind Guests to Review Your Hotel

Unfortunately, guests who have bad experiences are often more motivated to review your hotel than guests who have a good time. Create a more balanced review profile by politely asking all guests to leave a review when they check out. You can also send an email a few days later to remind guests to review your hotel on social media or TripAdvisor.

  1. Give Guests a Great Experience

The best way to get great online reviews is to give guests an excellent experience at your hotel. Proactively ask guests whether they have any issues that you can help them with during their stay. Always go the extra mile to help guests have a fantastic stay at your hotel.

  1. Respond to Reviews

Monitoring your social media accounts and TripAdvisor profile means you can keep up with the reviews you receive online. It also gives you an opportunity to respond to reviews soon after they are posted. If you receive a negative review, leave a friendly and polite response thanking the reviewer for the constructive feedback. Calmly address any aspects of the review you disagree with, but don't dismiss the reviewer's opinion. For positive reviews, leave a simple thank you to let reviewers know you value their feedback.

  1. Take Feedback on Board

If you notice that a lot of reviews give the same negative feedback, you need to take this information to heart. For example, if multiple guests say your rooms are dirty in online reviews, consider hiring more cleaners. Once you have taken action to address problems with your hotel, you can let reviewers know what you are doing to address the issues they raised. Continue to monitor reviews to find out whether the action you took solved the problem.

  1. Remove Outdated and Unfair Reviews

In a few situations, you can apply to TripAdvisor to have bad reviews removed from your profile. For example, if your hotel undergoes major renovations, you can ask TripAdvisor to remove the old reviews to let your business enjoy a fresh start. However, the renovations need to be major structural changes, such as installing new rooms or complete property overhauls, not simple cosmetic changes. TripAdvisor will also remove reviews that are fake, threatening, profane, or self-promoting, as well as reviews from guests who try to use a bad review to blackmail you into giving them a free upgrade or refund. If some of your reviews are unfair or violate TripAdvisor's terms of service, submit your request to have the review removed.By monitoring your social media accounts and responding to reviews on TripAdvisor, you can control your brand's online reputation. Use these tips to stand out from your competitors and attract more bookings.

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