When you run a hotel you know that the best way to ensure your success is by offering great customer service. The challenge then truly lies with having an excellent team to deliver that service. Your employees are your biggest asset and by investing in them you can guarantee that overall service will improve. As a business owner, it is impossible for you to personally keep every customer happy. You need to develop a system that keeps your employees happy so that they do the job for you. In an industry with one of the highest attrition rates this can be a big task, but here are a few points you should consider to ensure that your staff is performing at their best.It Is All About The Staff:

  1. Train them well: To make sure that your staff is well prepared for the job you need to invest time and money in their training. If you have a good training program in place that equips your staff with all the required skills they will feel empowered to take on any task. A staff that knows his duty also exudes confidence and earns the trust of the customers. Investing in the training of your employees in one of the very basic criteria you need to meet to ascertain their best performance.
  2. Offer incentives: There will always be those who perform well and those who don’t do as well. Treating good performers and bad ones the same demotivates the former as their efforts are not recognized. By offering incentives to those who are doing well you not only encourage them to keep up the good work but also motivate the others to do better. Attractive gifts like a gift hamper or day at the hotel spa for the employee of the month will be sure to bring a smile to his or her face and make others aspire to make it the next time.
  3. Offer bonuses: While incentives are good, nothing motivates people more than money. Hotel staff working long hours often feel that it is all for nothing. Offering bonuses to those who have been consistent in the long run is sure to make them feel appreciated for their efforts. Let your staff know that you have a rewards program and those who meet the necessary standards stand to gain an extra month’s pay. When you deliver on that promise your employees will the clambering over themselves to provide the best customer experience yet.
  4. Have team building activities: Organizing workshops and team building activities a couple of times a year breaks monotony and gives employees something to look forward to. Aside from the obvious benefit, team building activities give your staff a feeling of belonging to something bigger. Knowing that they are a part of a team and have a support system in place emboldens people to go the extra mile. Encourage your employees to have each other’s backs and step in for each other when necessary and you will take a lot of stress out of their day.
  5. Involve them: Your staff is a valuable source of customer information. They are the ones who interact face to face with the customers on a daily basis and they know all their wants and needs. Involve your staff in business meetings and learn this information from them. What your employees know about customer needs can go a long way in improving your strategy and customer experience.
  6. Get customer feedback: If you want to know how well your staff is performing ask the people they serve. Ultimately it is the customer whose opinion matters and it is only when they are happy that your staff has been successful. A feedback form at checkout which requires the customer to do nothing more than check a few boxes could provide valuable insight to you staffs performance. A system like this would not only let you know how well your employees are performing but also gives them reason to work better. Knowing that they are being evaluated based on their service, which could lead to an attractive gift or cash bonus is a sure shot motivator.
  7. Get employee feedback: And finally, talk to your employees about their performance. If you have someone who is doing exceptionally well, ask them how they do it so you can help others work well too. On the other hand, you might have someone who is under-performing, and the best way to find out why is to ask. Knowing what is bothering your employees is the first step to making things better for them and consequently also your business.
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