Hotels are one of the few industries that depend entirely on satisfying every whim of their guests. The pressure becomes all the more intense given that hotels also happen to be one of the only industries where the good business depends on the number of customers staying overnight at the premises itself. As such, there customer-satisfaction has to be taken to all new level in a hotel than, say, in a company that deals with marketing or retail.So what exactly makes a hotel such a highly critical industry when it comes to customer satisfaction?

  • A hotel runs non-stop. There are guests at all times of the day and night, unlike most other businesses
  • In the Hospitality industry, it all boils down to one thing – ‘hospitality’ - how you make your customers feel, rather than any product
  • Customers need to be made to feel special, rather than just be given the same routine treatment like other guests. This is the basic aspect that helps a hotel gain an edge over its competitors

These challenges have given way to an intensive customer-centered approach to hotel business operations called ‘Guest Personalization’. It simply means that the services of your hotel are carefully tailored to meet the individual needs of your guests, based on research, customer tracking, forecasting, analysis of online customer-behavior and so on.If successfully done, these are the five major outcomes that you can expect your efforts to have on your hotel’s business:

  1. Higher Guest-Retention

In Hospitality, guest-retention plays a greater role than getting new guests. Guest-retention is more difficult to achieve because to convince your guests that you are so good that they should stick to using only your services can be quite a challenging task. Through Guest Personalization, Guest Retention can be enhanced because each guest will be made to feel special. Greater guest retention will translate into better business, and even help you expand your customer base because of the kind of positive reputation you will gain.

  1. Better Image In The Market

Once you have successfully achieved higher customer-retention, there is every chance that the market sees your hotel as one that is the best at doing what it is supposed to do. If you have successfully managed to create a happy recurring customer base, it will speak volumes of the quality of your services, thereby helping you to get established in the market as one of the best hotels. Better your image in the market, higher will be the turnover of your business.

  1. Enhancement Of Guest Experience

Once you are able to personalize your services to your guest, you will be better able to enhance your guest experiences. You will know exactly what kind of services to provide, how and when. Having good services in place are not the only thing that will ensure customer retention. Knowing how to deliver those services is just as important if you want to ensure better customer satisfaction. Today, the focus is not just on delivering goods and services to customers, but on enhancing ‘Consumer Experience’. This means that along with giving something to your customers, you should be able to help them experience and enjoy those services better. Customer experience can be enhanced by giving each guest services that personally have a strong value for them, even if it is a just a few services. This trumps a long list of services that the customer does not need, any day.

  1. Better Reviews

Reviews can either make or destroy any business. And today, what with the conveniences brought about by the internet, social media, travel websites, online complaint forums and so on, more and more customers are coming forward to share their experiences than ever before. These reviews are then read and shared by a wide circle of people within no time. Naturally then, all businesses – and especially those in the Hospitality sector – are afraid of bad reviews because that would be all it takes to undo all the effort invested in building up the business.Now, if each guest is treated in a special manner, there is no doubt that it will lead to better reviews because each of them will want to tell the world how they felt when your hotel understood their every need and catered to each of them beautifully. As a result, you will see a better flow of business and a stronger recurring-customer base.

  1. Cost Saving

Guest personalization may seem like an expensive concept. However, the truth is that you will end up saving a lot in the long run. Think about the resources you would be wasting on offering services that your guests do not even want! Now, if you focus on giving each guest only what is required by them, you will definitely see your savings increase and cost of operation going down.

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