Five Simple Ways to Personalize the Hotel Guest Experience

The modern technology used in the hospitality industry has opened some avenues towards customization and personalization that would have been impossible in previous days.

Comprehensive customer information databases, CRM software, and proprietary, in-house technology are driving hotels towards the next revolution – Customizable, personalized guest experiences.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 simple ways that hotels can personalize the experiences of their guests, and set themselves apart from their competition by setting higher standards of customized guest engagement.

  1. Take Advantage of Modern Technology to Build Guest Profiles

Modern property and hotel management software suites almost always have built-in note-taking areas and other features that can be used by hotel staff to track guest preferences.

Collecting data on guest profiles has never been easier. For example, if a particular customer stays at a hotel repeatedly for business trips, this information can be noted and used the next time they book a room at the hotel, perhaps to point that customer to a Wi-Fi enabled work area, free conference room, or other area that will fit their business-related needs.

This sort of guest profile technology should not be underestimated – it goes a long way towards building customer loyalty, and indicates that hotels appreciate their customers and pay attention to their particular needs.

  1. Use A CRM to Track VIP Guests

An easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software should be implemented and used for VIP guests. Hotels should already have a list of VIP guests – high spenders, important individuals, or customers who return very often.

Many CRM’s allow a certain level of automation to customer communication, and can log every interaction that VIP guests have with the hotel and its staff members. By doing so, hotel management can provide an extraordinary customized experience to VIP guests.

This could be as simple as providing a VIP with a free drink of their choice at their bar, or booking a reservation at a VIP’s preferred restaurant in advance, before their arrival.

By leveraging a CRM software and customer data, hotels can provide unparalleled service to VIP guests, and further increase their satisfaction in their experience.

  1. Don’t Just Gather Data – Use It for Personalized Service throughout Guest Stays

CRM and property management software won’t provide personalized services on their own – staff should be instructed to keep individual guest preferences in mind throughout their entire stay.

For example, if a customer is a known coffee lover, a staff member could recommend a particular coffee shop, or provide that guest with specialized coffee making equipment in their room.

These simple, personalized service steps can go a long way towards boosting customer satisfaction, and will help guests feel comfortable, cared for, and special.

  1. Get Managers Involved

Guests love personal attention – and attention from managers is especially welcomed. Guests understand intuitively that the time of management is precious, so they appreciate getting a moment to express any concerns or questions they may have about their service.

This doesn’t mean that managers have to be involved in every conflict or issue that a guest may have, but they must at least listen to the concerns or praise, as much as practically possible – that a guest offers, taking appropriate steps to resolve the situation.
This has an added benefit – management can add the information gained from conversations with guests into their CRM systems, allowing for a better customer experience during future stays.

  1. Leverage the Information Each Customer Provides During Their Stay

Any information that customers provide during their stay should be recorded in the appropriate CRM or property management software. Hotels can benefit massively from constantly updating and increasing the amount of data that they have on previous guests.

Think about it – each time a customer comes back, they will have an even better, more customized experience. And as they grow in brand loyalty, they will be more likely to continue using the same hotel.

This is the true advantage of a customized hotel experience – a positive feedback loop that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ensures that hotels will continue to enjoy repeat business from guests.

Personalization Is The Future Of Hospitality – So Don’t Wait!

Most of these steps are very easy to implement. The technology required for personalized, customized guest experiences already exists, and hotels should take notice. Higher levels of guest engagement translate into more repeat customers, increased customer loyalty, and more profit.

Many hospitality companies are using customization already, and as the technology required to provide exquisite, customized experiences continues to sink in cost, we can expect to see a corresponding growth in the personalized hotel industry.

Hotel owners should take a look at the above steps, and think about the best ways they can customize their hotel experience. If they don’t do so, they risk missing out on a very valuable market segment of repeat customers.



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