Like the ebb and flow of the tides, hotels too have a low tide period which usually happens midweek. While weekends and holiday season are the equivalent of a high tide, midweek during the rest of the year can be a trying time. With low demand and lack of revenue, it can be hard to meet targets during this low tide period.Here are a few actionable steps that can help you boost midweek occupancy and revenue for your hotel so that you don't have to face frequent dry spells. With these fifteen tips, you can formulate a concrete plan to keep the revenue coming in all year through.

Tips to boost occupancy

1.Tie-ups: One of the most assured ways to get midweek clients is to market your banquet hall services to companies. Tie up with various companies close to your hotel to hosts their conferences and training programs. Make the offer attractive by letting the company know that once you have their requirements you will take over the organization completely each time they book your services. You can also have a loyalty program that discounts every third event or so that is held on your premises.

2. Build your client database: Building a client contacts database is an all-important step in marketing. One way to build your database is to offer clients a loyalty program when they first check in. Let them know that the program entitles them to prizes or discounts and that you will keep them updated on special events happening at the hotel. Registration for the program can be as simple as filling in few details like name, age and email address. You can also ask for birthday and anniversary information for which clients can get gifts.

3. Offer client loyalty programs: Once you have the client database the next step is to maximize that data to boost midweek occupancy. Clients who have stayed with you at least twice can be given midweek offers of two nights for the price of one, etc. You cloud also have discounts on stays for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or offer a three-course meal free with the stay on such an occasion. Make sure to set a time limit to avail of the offer and keep it midweek.

4. Extend weekend stays: If your hotel is a popular weekend getaway spot then capitalize on your weekend crowd and offer them an extra day on either side of the weekend at half price or at a discounted rate.

5. Add value-added services: This could also be included in your loyalty programs but you could advertise these packages all on their own as well. Offer deals like Wednesday wonders which include a spa treatment or brunch by the pool Thursdays that can be availed of on one or two night stays.

6. Organize events: The dynamics of the work culture has shifted. More people are freelancing or working on their own time and have free time during the week. Target this audience with events like wine and cheese pairing workshops, live cooking demos, cocktail mixing workshops etc. to bring in more crowd midweek.

7. Establish a presence on social media: It is no longer possible to stay on par with the competition if you don’t have an online presence. With people spending a large chunk of their day on social media it is a necessity to have an online presence so that you can keep people informed of your various offers.

8. Hold contests: Once you have a solid online presence you can have online contests with different categories of winners. A first place could get a free night’s stay while a second place could get 50% off and so on. You could also offer discounts on meals at your in-house restaurant.

9. Tie-up with event venues: If you have an event venue near you that organizes concerts and shows you can tie up with them to buy a certain number of tickets for the more popular events. You can then offer the tickets as gifts to guests who book a stay with you midweek.

10. Woo senior citizens: Senior citizens are a demographic that can no longer be overlooked. With retirees in better health than they have ever been and with more free time and disposable income they could just be the midweek clientele you need. Organize events for seniors to meet and socialize, throw in some gifts and discounts and woo this valuable target.

11. Host companies’ guests: Big companies are constantly having clients and executives flying into town for meetings. These meeting usually happen during the week and you can capitalize on this by tying up with a company to provide guaranteed accommodation for their guests. You can throw in free pick up and drop services from the airport.

12. Create an app: The world exists on mobile apps these days. By having your very own app which clients can use to check availability, book rooms, and learn of promotional offers and events, increases your reach. The convenience offered by the app will help bring in more clients.

13. Have a referrals program: Reward guests who bring along another party or recommend your hotel to others. Make it more attractive for them to bring in bookings midweek.

14. Tie-up with an online travel agent: Online travel agents or OTAs are the go-to place for everyone making travel plans and hotel reservations these days. Set up your promotions in a way that give your hotel the edge when being compared to others on OTA sites. Have a booking button next to your promotional offers that will bring prospective clients back to your site to complete formalities and win great deals.

15. Good marketing strategies: And finally, you need to market your hotel well. You can have the best offers and deals in the business but to no avail, if no one knows about them. Nothing beats old fashion marketing of your brand when it comes to bringing in more clients so don't ever neglect this area to promote your hotel and its services. Excellent service will also have your clients visiting time and time again.Even if you can’t implement all of these steps try a few that you can and watch how business picks up during midweek and off-season time.

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