About Us

Simplify the way your guests communicate with you, streamline the way your staff interacts with each other

About Routier

Routier was founded with a mission to make hospitality better – not just for hotel owners,  managers and hotel teams but for guests too.

Hoteliers and other hospitality property owners and operators want to make their experiences as guest-centric as possible. And on the other hand, guests not only expect, but they demand a superior, seamless experience with comprehensive service, support, and communication every step of the way.

Routier leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to bridge that gap.

Routier was founded by experts with deep knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, together with specialists from the elite Israeli army intelligence corps, including the famed 8200 unit.

The result is a world-renowned and robust technology platform designed to offer a solution that speaks specifically to the needs of stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

Routier enables hotel owners and managers to properly understand and deal with threats, crises, and difficult situations that face those in the hospitality industry, including COVID-19.

Our DNA is based on kindness, simplicity, and placing people first.