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Enhance your guest experience with Automation

Simplify the way your guests communicate with you, streamline the way your staff interacts with each other

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communicate better

Routier’s Messagehub™

Empowers hoteliers to seamlessly and proactively engage with their guests in real-time, using an omni-channel AI-powered agent available 24/7 across all channels. This hub automatically creates a work-order / service order for hotel teams to ensure that issues are met with solutions instantly

work better

Routier’s WorkFlow

Streamlines hotels’ operations and allows operators and hotel teams to simply delegate assignments between departments. It’s suitable for both small crews and enhanced crews, while offering real-time property-level operational data & insights.

monitor better

Routier’s UPI

Identify, measure and monitor all your hotels' operational performance in real-time. Routier’s Universal Performance Index provides the first real-time multi-property performance score, which is comprised of both guest real-time feedback and keeping the operator SLA.


Empowering hotels to always be there for their guests, globally.

In the wake of Covid-19, as we needed to determine how to stay in touch with guests and deliver optimal service in a safe and contactless way. We chose Routier, to assist us in saving precious time - 3.3 hours per shift and better allocate resources, gain guests' real-time pulse, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety by remaining contactless in a post-COVID-19 world.
Managing Director of Pod Hotels
“We love working with simple-to-implement solutions and Routier was a breeze to integrate with our systems..”
IT Director
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"Routier has been a lifesaver during this “new normal.” They quickly transitioned us to a safe, contactless, digital platform while even allowing us to further enhance our guest service."
General Manager
“The guests are thrilled with being able to contact us 24/7, especially during these times, through their own preferred platforms like WhatsApp or Messenger.”
Director of Operations
“Our staff loves the system especially because it’s so intuitive and easy-to-use.”
General Manager
“Routier's team is very involved with its customers. The product functionality is amazing. 👍”
Guest Relations
Happy Staff Members
Happy Guests
Average Guest Rating
Negative Reviews Intercepted

Guest messaging is the new normal

one comprehensive solution

Driving Operational Efficiency Through A Touch-less Guest AI Agent

Easy-to-use task management system equipped with an Al Guest Service Agent that assists in providing superb service & information to your guests, while reducing your team’s workload. Increase efficiency, get rid of bad reviews.

Highest engagement rates in the industry
Real-time alerts & notifications
Works on all devices no download needed
Reduce the strain on operations
Custom escalations according to your SLA
Minimal training needed
Actionable Insights and analytics
24/7 AI staff agent responds automatically to guests
Multi-Language Translation
Touch-Less Approach

How Your Guests Benefit From Routier

Let your guests choose and communicate digitally on their platform of choice (WhatsApp Messenger, SMS, Viber, WeChat etc.) without the need to download a thing

Request Information

Fulfill requests faster by immediately alerting and routing guest messages to the right team member.

Request Missing Amenities

Guest forgot their toothbrush? No need to call and wait for the Front Desk, a simple message would suffice.

Digital Concierge

Whether or not you have a dedicated concierge, you can make personalized recommendations and deliver the most memorable guest experience.

Report an Issue

Route and escalate dissatisfied customers to service recovery team. Goodbye bad reviews!

Provide Feedback on Quality of Stay

Ask guests for timely feedback to measure how you are doing and fix any issues in real-time.


Coordinate spa appointments, special events, and activities through real-time messaging.

icon Overcoming a range of service challenges posed by COVID-19
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What Makes Routier Unique?

Guest-centric methodology
AI agent that communicates with guests on their preferred device and communication platform 👏
Escalate issues automatically and streamline to relevant teams
One comprehensive end-to-end solution solution
Highest level of guest engagement in the industry, and highest standard of automated guest outreach
HQ overview: gain the ability to analyze properties’ operations, guest responses and satisfaction
30 minutes of staff training is all that’s required
Fully integrated solution for your work environment💥